Explanation of Who I Voted for and Why in 2012

I am very proud of my vote. In the past year, i have changed my vote from Ron Paul, to “not voting”, to Barack Obama. I have read and listened to all stories by Ron Paul supporters, along with Obama, Romney, and Gary Johnson supporters. And honestly, I find that people can have their own good reasons to vote for each of them. In the past few days, I have spent much time reading on the policies between Obama, Romney, and Johnson, and am confident in my vote for Obama. First, I will list the policies that I disagree with Obama (since unfortunately, many people will think that since I voted for Obama, I MUST agree with everything he says!!)

  • I am against Obama’s decision to extend the Patriot Act to wire-tap Americans. This Act was started after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, in order to help locate possible terrorists. The thought that the government is busy wire-tapping my phone calls and emails is a little too much invasion of privacy, and I believe there are better ways to locate potential terrorists. 
  • I am also very against his decision to sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives him the “power to indefinitely detain Americans without charge or trial”.  I think this Act is incredibly unfair and un-American to detain American citizens without trial. 
  • I disagree with Obama’s foreign policy decisions to continue to spend trillions of dollars in the military…in countries we should not be in. The trouble is that we are trying to create democracies in these countries without understanding their culture. The military is not protecting our freedom. These are not terrorist countries. So why has Obama spent more on military spending than any other US president combined? The drone attacks on innocent humans in foreign countries are very unfortunate. I honestly think Obama and military are fed up with trying to communicate with these broken governments, and are starting to take violent action.

Why did i not vote for Gary Johnson? The sad truth is, a Democrat or Republican will win the 2012 election. I agree with some of the Libertarian views, and hope the 3rd party will be a potential candidate in the future. However, in 2012, the 3rd party has no chance of winning the election. That being said, many Libertarians will ask “Then why not vote for Gary Johnson to increase the party’s popularity?”, or “Why vote at all?” Many Libertarians say that Obama and Romney have the same policies and nothing will change if either of them is elected. This argument is completely FALSE. The only major similarity between Romney and Obama are their foreign policy views, and beliefs with the Patriot and NDAA Acts. There are many differences between the two candidates that will directly and immediately affect most Americans. 

Now, here are the differences between the two candidates in which i feel are most important to American people TODAY, and reasons why I believe Obama is the best candidate for the 2012 election:

  • Romney has stated that he will demolish the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which will affect all of us in ways I think most of us realize. Not only will 40 million people completely lose ALL of their healthcare (which is currently insured by Obamacare), but many people will lose a large portion of their healthcare since there will no longer be fair funding. My sister was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when she was 11 years old, and has been fortunate to fight the disease with help from the American government’s healthcare policies. Under Romney, there are will be many people who will not be able to afford their healthcare, because in case you don’t realize, medicine and healthcare is expensive as fuck. Without Obamacare, many Americans will not be able to afford transplants, medicine, and other healthcare bills. I believe that just because my family has the money to allow a loved-one to live healthy, does not mean that a YOU or your family should have to suffer if you do not have enough money. With Obamacare, I am proud to pay a tax to allow you and your family to live healthy and happy. Under Romney’s healthcare plan, only the wealthiest will live the healthiest and happiest. 
  • Romney does not have a functional plan for decreasing the unemployment rate. His view for creating more jobs in America is to decrease taxes for the wealthy CEO’s and private business owners, in hopes that they will gain enough profits to hire more employees. He also wants to place American companies in China, in order to decrease employment expenses for large companies (like auto companies such as Chrysler). He has even quoted a few years ago “Let the auto industry in Detroit burn down”. On the contrary, Obama has completely saved the auto industry, which has created thousands of jobs around the country, ultimately decreasing the unemployment rate. Obama has a much clearer plan on adding more jobs to this country, which has been evident through the rise of the auto industry. 
  • Obama will not allow women to have their bodies controlled by anyone but themselves. This is such a ridiculous issue. Romney feels that birth control should be prohibited, and abortions should be illegal. These conservative Christian views fucking kill me- such as “a baby born by a rape victim is a ‘gift from God’”, and the fact that “legitimate rape” is even an American term fucking blows my mind. Rape is rape and is incredibly wrong to violate a woman’s body. With Obama’s policies on birth control and abortions (from rape), women will retain their woman and HUMAN rights. 
  • Obama has made proactive movement toward climate change. Research programs (government and private) have been created so that America can educate and prepare to the obvious changes to our climate. Romney has not showed any initiative to continuing to learn about climate change. He showed very little interest with the disastrous events of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, after the second most disastrous storm in US History (behind Katrina), Romney mocked Obama’s support for victims. In his speech, he showed more concern with helping his Republican voters gain their personal wealth, rather than taking note of the hurricane victims. 
  • Obama has voted against the Federal Marriage Act and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in support of legalizing marriages between same-sex couples. The fact that two people in love cannot legally marry shows the power and enforcement of Christian values that are still clearly visible in America. The only reason why many gay couples have not been able to marry each other is because of conservative Christians who would feel “uncomfortable” around them. How fucking ridiculous is that? Fuck these conservative, selfish assholes and their “religious comfort zones”. One of the best examples I have seen proving the absurd marriage laws, is a US American war veteran’s tombstone that read “I received two medals of honor for killing two men, and received a discharge for loving one”. Why should people be limited in their ability to love based on Romney’s religious views?
  • Obama is less the cause of America’s debt than people seem to realize. First I must point out that there are two ways in which Obama is not helping the national debt: 1) Obama is continuing to spend trillions of money funding unnecessary military “wars”, and 2) he is continuing to fund worthless government programs that are hurting more than helping Americans. However, with these two faults alone, America would not be such debt as we are now. Here are the reasons America is hurting: 1) Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, started lending trillions of dollars to unqualified banks and foreign countries. Bernanke’s doctoral thesis was based on “How America overcame the Great Depression in 1929”. However, he has done the complete opposite! The Federal Reserve needs to completely modified, and Bernanke needs to be placed on trial and fired for his actions in the past 10-15 years. 2) George W. Bush, in misunderstanding of foreign countries and ignorance of foreign policy, began spending hundreds of billions of dollars into the US Military without an adequate plan. True, Obama has only increased the spending, but we need to realize that he did not start the funding. With so much debt in our country in 2007, only a fool would fail to realize that it would take any determined US President 5-6 years to fix the economy. If McCain won the 2008 election, I guarantee you that we would all be blaming him for our national debt. McCain would greatly increase military spending since he was a “war-hungry” veteran.

One item to note is that my closest friends did not vote for Obama, so I am really hoping that they will respect and understand my logic for voting for him. I think that many people vote depending on their own values and circumstances - which I think is the reason for many young, middle-class men my age to not have much of a risk by voting 3rd party. Their healthcare and rights will not be lost if any of the candidates were to win the election. For these reasons, looking at the broader picture of American Liberty and America’s foreign policies are easy choices for these young men. Voting Libertarian, you really place yourself into imagining what it’s like governing a country as if you’re in a game of “War”. In my opinion, since a 3rd party president is completely out of the radar for a potential candidate for 2012, I would rather vote for one of the two Presidents who are guaranteed to be elected. My only reason why I would vote 3rd party would be to increase the chances of a 3rd party candidate for future elections. But unfortunately, I feel that Americans cannot afford to vote 3rd party this election because of how fucked up the American economy and its policies currently are. For example, under Romney: 1) Healthcare is being threatened, 2) an increase in unemployment for the middle/lower class is very possible, 3) human and gay rights will be non-existent or will stay completely out of whack, and 3) women will continue to be treated unequally. These examples are too important to me and my friends and family to risk by voting 3rd party. If the economy was fixed, and American men and women were treated equally, then of course I would consider voting 3rd party! I just feel that too much is at risk.

I feel that I and everyone should have a confident reason to vote or not vote. Americans should not violate their right to vote solely on their friends’ and family’s views, the President’s skin color / ethnicity, nor with who the mass media is in favor of voting for. I spent much time thinking about who I should vote for in the 2012 election, and am pretty confident in my reasons (as I tried to state clearly above). I hope everyone respects my decision and reasons on voting for Barack Obama.

My advice to you all is to educate yourselves on the America’s political policies and ask yourself which values mean the most to you.

-Chris Jenkins